Membership Benefits

Thank you for considering joining the Association of Real Estate Owners & Managers™ (AREOM™), which is committed to providing cost-saving and time-saving resources and benefits to its members, which consist of commercial and residential property owners and managers throughout the U.S. Upon joining AREOM for the low annual cost of $199, your organization will have access to the following exclusive resources:

Members-Only Website Access & Events

  • Members gain access to the “Members Only” section of our website and the AREOM Member Portal (more info here), which contains useful guides, risk management tips and options for community discussions.
  • Annual Association-sponsored member meet-up events to promote networking, the flow of ideas, industry updates, and potentially create new business opportunities among members.

Risk Management Services

  • Members are provided quarterly (or other frequency) Risk Management bulletins; additional services are provided for severe weather conditions or in response to market events.
  • Clients are provided Property Inspection Checklist Reports and Community Scorecards for their use; Checklists and Scorecards are monitored to assist clients with their risk management needs.
  • OSHA reporting logs and other OSHA-related tools, such as violation reports, to assist customers with avoiding and managing worker’s comp issues and costly OSHA violations.
  • Guidance is given in terms of care and maintenance of properties.

Industry Updates and Best Practices Information

  • Choose-you-own frequency newsletters highlighting key updates and topics around the industry.
  • 24/7 access to up-to-date information and company policy templates in various areas, including HR and cybersecurity.

Insurance and Legal Services (offered through our insurance partner(s))

  • Only qualifying insureds are allowed to participate in AREOM’s insurance program, which offers property and certain other types of insurance.
  • Additional claims services – for example: claims mitigation, help with subrogation, emergency disaster planning, and referrals to restoration companies.
  • Limited legal review and analysis of insurance-related lease and other contract provisions.
  • Discounted insurance certificate tracking software and services offered through our partner.

Other Membership Benefits

  • A variety of additional perks such as travel, lodging, and/or event discounts and special access to financial, benefits, IT, and other service providers through our partnerships will be regularly added for use by our members.

To join AREOM and gain access to these and the many additional benefits to be added over time, simply select “Join/Register New User” on our website.